Weather and Water Earth Science Participants

Spring 2012

Professor Ellen Douglas, UMASS-Boston



headshot_es1-22balicki.jpgScott Balicki, Boston Public Schools
Greetings everyone. I am excited to be back as part of (my favorite) instructional team with Earth Science 1.
I currently teach Chemistry at Boston Latin School, where I have been teaching Science for the past 10 years.
I am particularly interested in how students, be they in high school or beyond, make sense of macroscopic phenomena using graphical, mathematical, and conceptual models. I look forward to meeting and working with participants from the North Shore and learning from their perspectives on science and teaching

headshot_es1-17hashimoto.jpgErin Hashimoto, Boston Public Schools

headshot_es1-23watson.jpgChris Watson, University of Massachusetts - Boston


kgrace_headshot.jpg Kathleen Grace, Medford Teacher Learning Center Director
headshot_crandall.jpg Cathleen Randall, Everett Teacher Learning Center Director
simpson_ba_headshot.jpg Bob Simpson, Malden Teacher Learning Center Director



headshot_es1-8cue.jpgJonathan Cue, Everett High School
This is my second year teaching Earth and Space Science at Everett High School. This year I started the EHS Weather Club (motto: "We Know W'sup"). I began my teaching career in 2007 as an adjunct professor in the Engineering department at Northeastern University. Prior to that I had my own business selling Jostens products in the high schools. I got to know Everett High School pretty well because of their multiple football championships! I have a B.A in Communication from UMass/Amherst. My love of the atmospheric sciences comes from growing up sailing in Nantucket Sound. I'm excited to join this community!

headshot_es1-20martino.jpgLeonard Martino, Everett High School
Hello !
I'm Len Martino from Everett High School. I'm currently teaching physics and Oceanography at Everett High School and look forward to the content and projects of this course. I am always in favor in brushing up on content and methods of teaching science. I have found that even though I've been teaching for 28 years (10 yrs. Catholic high school and the rest at Everett High School) there may be misconceptions I still harbor. Incorporating Web 2.0 technologies into the classroom will add deeper components to my students' learning experience and mine!

headshot_es1-2mckenzie.jpgAmanda McKenzie, ELL(grades 5-8 and some Kindergarten), Keverian School
This is my first year in Everett. I graduated last May from Simmons College with my masters in teaching English as a second language and was a permanent sub for an 8th grade SEI class last year at the Salemwood School in Malden. In undergrad, my major was social science with a concentration in geography. I also have a minor in environmental science and education. ESL is my first love and environmental science is my second. I will be going for the Earth Science MTEL soon to pick up a second certification. I have done several geography/earth science units with students in the past and teaching that to ESL students is the perfect combination of things I love!


headshot_es1-21campbell.jpgShauna Campbell, AP Environmental and Marine Biology, Malden High School - This is my 5th year of teaching as well as teaching at Malden High School. I graduate from Roger Williams University with a B.A. in Marine Biology and Secondary Education and I have just started my Masters of Education at Cambridge College. I am debating on paralleling a second Master's in Biology though UMASS but that might depend on how well I can balance work, coaching and school, it might be a little ambitious...This course is being held in my classroom, welcome! I am hoping that the content of this course will assist me in understanding more concepts of earth science which I can then apply to the APES course I am teaching.

headshot_es1-3hansen.jpgMichael Hansen, Linden School 6th Grade Science,
I've been involved in various aspects of education for a long time. I've worked in administration at the school and state levels, taught in high schools and middle schools, and done a lot of work in non-formal educational settings. I continue to stay involved with environmental education by serving as president of the board of directors for a residential environmental school. I believe that my students are capable of doing real science when given proper tools and the training in how to use them. It is my goal to provide them with a knowledge of and appreciation for science so that they can become well informed citizens and able to make their own decisions based on facts and evidence, not opinions and gossip.

headshot_es1-5ho.jpg Phuong Ho, Chemistry, Malden High School. I received both my B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and my Master of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. This is my 4th year as a chemistry teacher at Malden High School. I teach both CP and Honors Chemistry. I have chosen to take this class in hopes that I will gain content knowledge that will allow me to make connections between chemistry and earth science.

Kathy Maglio, AP Environmental and Solid Earth, Malden High School. Hi, I teach Earth Science (Solid Earth) and Environmental Science to sophomores and juniors, and a few seniors. I am certified in Earth Science and worked in industry as a geologist before becoming a teacher six years ago.

headshot_es1-6morrison.jpgLeslie Morrison, Grade 7, Beebe School
Hello, my name is Leslie Morrison and I am in the 11th year of my new career of teaching. I teach 7th grade at the Beebe school and my curriculum is Life Science. Although the curriculum for this course is not directly linked to my current curriculum, I have a personal interest in the content covered in this class. I also, believe that I will find some content that I can use in my class and at the very least it will enhance my scientific knowledge.

headshot-es1-9perito-2.jpgDiane C.Perito, Ph.D., K-12 Science Director - I am newly hired as the K-12 Science Director for Malden Public Schools. I have been teaching in Malden for eleven years, six years grade 7 General Science and five years High School Chemistry (all levels, Intro to AP). Prior to teaching, I was employed in Industry as a research chemist for eleven years. As a participant in this course, my goals are to enhance my science content knowledge as well as the use of Web 2.0 in the classroom so that I can be a better resource for the teachers that that I work with.


headshot_es1-25bowser.jpgMeredith Bowser, Grade 2 and 3 ELL, Roberts Elementary
Hi! I teach the second and third grade newcomers ELL class at the Roberts Elementary school in Medford. This is my third year of teaching and I love it. I am excited to be taking this science course and truthfully I have not taken any earth science classes since high school. I can't wait to be able to bring new ideas into my teaching.

headshot_es1-24cahill.jpgAdelaine Cahill, Grade 1, Roberts Elementary
Hello! I teach First Grade ELL newcomers at the Roberts School in Medford and I have been teaching in Medford for 16 years. I also teach Science to two other first grade classes as part of a collaborating Science and Social Studies team. This is the second class I have taken through TRITEC and despite challenging and out of my area of expertise, I hope to learn just as much as I learned in Physics.

Rocco Cieri, Medford High School - Hi. I teach Biology to 10 graders at Medford High. I am interested in integrating applicable Earth Science concepts into the general Biology curriculum. I am also interested in learning how to implement units using technology. I am also interested in working with colleagues from my district that I don't get a chance to work with on curriculum and pd as well as working across the districts in the partnerships because my experience has shown that this can be beneficial to all of our students in the long run.

headshot_es1-18duffy.jpgPaula Duffy, McGlynn Middle School

Jennifer Ensign, Medford High School
I teach Honors Biology and Introductory Physics at Medford High School. I am taking this course to learn more about wikis and integrating technology into my classroom. I have been working to incorporate more inquiry based activities into the class mostly in the form of labs. I think learning how to create inquiry based activities using technology would be another useful teaching technique. Also I have always had a strong interest in Earth Science, which I taught for 4 years.

headshot_es1-19fenwick.jpgMichelle Fenwick, 7th Grade Science, Andrews Middle School.
Hi all! I've taught in Medford for 6 years. I love teaching science and watching students learn. Each day in the classroom brings a new challenges. I try to engage my students in as much inquiry as possible. I was a participant in the Physics TRITEC program last year and look forward to learning more during this Earth Science course. See you around the wiki!

headshot_es1-13liu.jpgHong Liu,Grade 4, Roberts Elementary School
I teach 4&5 grade newcomer SEI class. This is my 20th year teaching in Medford. I already felt I have learned a lot. I am looking forward to learning more about earth science and picking up media technology to enrich my teaching and to keep up with the students.

t_mokeefe.jpgMichelle O'Keefe, Grade 3, Brooks Elementary School
Hi, I have been teaching elementary school children just short of two decades. Though masters qualified this is the first graduate science course I have taken through Tritec. I am hoping to enhance my science knowledge and teaching skills in this area.

headshot_es1-12paci.jpgEric Paci, Grade 4, Brooks Elementary School - I have taught 4th grade in Medford for the past 15 years. I received my MEd in Creative Arts and Learning from Lesley University a few years ago. My classroom is run in a studio model where students learn with, through, and about the arts. I am an oil and watercolor painter and a musician. (Feel free to google Transformation Lately and have a listen). I hope to gain familiarity with the Wiki platform as well as some inspiration for new experiments to do with my kids.

headshot-es1-29snow.jpgAngela Snow, Grade 5 SPED , Brooks Elementary School

Hi I have taught Special Education for 25 years.I love when students get excited about learning. I use a hands on multi-sensory approach to all subjects. I hope to use what I have learned in my curriculum.

Additional Districts and Schools:

headshot_es1-11merrell.jpgPeter Merrell, Grade 6 Science Coakley Middle School, Norwood Public Schools - I am in my second year of teaching having completed my MEd at Lesley Univ. with a one-year internship at The Brookwood School in Manchester, MA. I am a licensed architect in my prior life working in firms and on projects based mostly in the Boston area. The school I am teaching in is fairly conventional/traditional underfunded in technology. My classroom improvement last year was a dry-erase board installed over the chalk blackboard. No Smartboards yet, but I am at the tail end of receiving a Labybug document reader.

headshot_es1-27hoyo.jpgSamantha Hoyo, Rockland High School -I teach high school chemistry, biology and forensic science at Rockland High School and have done so for 7 years. We are currently under construction but hope to have new state of the art science labs in February after spending 6 years without any lab space. I hope to learn a lot more about Earth Science and integrate it into my curriculum.

headshot_es1-16hubeny.jpgScott Hubeny, Boston Public School- Hello, I teach physics to a 9th grade special education student population at East Boston High School. I loved Earth Science in my secondary school days and am very interested in how to link ES concepts to the Physics curriculum. I am also very interested in getting more knowledge and experience with using some of the web 2.0 resources.

headshot_es1-26soto.jpgGlenda Soto, M. Ed. - East Somerville Community School.
I am currently teaching General Science in the 5th grade in a two- way immersion bilingual program in Somerville. I have taught science for 14 years, along with math and social studies, from the 4th grade all the way through high school with the exception of Physics. I started teaching in New York City Public Schools and then moved to a private independent school in my country, Puerto Rico. There, I taught biology, integrated science, physical science , forensic science and chemistry, along with pre-algebra and Algebra I. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in the 7E Model and learning new activities to bring back to my classroom. I am currently pursuing my second Masters' degree in Middle School Science through Northeastern University.
headshot_es1-28webering.jpgEmily Webering, Needham Public Schools
Hello! I am teaching 8th Grade Science at Pollard Middle School which consists of Physical Science, Earth Science and Engineering Technology curriculum. My goals for this course are to extend and enhance my content knowledge in both Earth Science and technology assistance in my classroom. I am excited to participate in numerous hands on experiments with the intent to add them into my current curriculum.